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Deluxe Garnish

Kiwi slices

Kiwi slices

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100g=approximately 112 slices.

Indulge in the exotic and tangy flavors of our dehydrated kiwi slices, perfect for garnishing drinks and cocktails with a twist. Our premium dehydrated kiwi slices are carefully crafted from fresh kiwis, ensuring that each slice maintains its vibrant green color and delightful taste.

Adding dehydrated kiwi to your beverages brings a burst of tropical sweetness and a visually stunning element to your creations. Whether you're concocting a refreshing mocktail, a vibrant cocktail, or even infusing water with a hint of tropical flavor, our dehydrated kiwi slices are the ideal garnish.

Beyond their exceptional taste, dehydrated kiwi slices offer several benefits. With a longer shelf life compared to fresh kiwis, they provide convenience and versatility, allowing you to have them on hand whenever inspiration strikes. Furthermore, our dehydrated kiwi slices eliminate concerns about fruit spoilage or wastage, enabling you to reduce your environmental impact while enjoying the incredible flavors of kiwi.

Experience the essence of the tropics with our dehydrated kiwi slices, a delightful addition to any beverage. Elevate your drinks to new heights and let your creativity flow.

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