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Deluxe Garnish

Pineapple slices (blue)

Pineapple slices (blue)

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100g=approximately 31 slices.

Our dehydrated pineapple slices are a beautiful addition to any drink or cocktail, enhanced with vibrant and safe food coloring for a stunning presentation. Made from fresh, juicy pineapples, our dehydrated slices retain their natural sweetness and pack a powerful punch of flavor.

The benefits of using dehydrated pineapple slices as garnishes are endless. They add a tropical touch to any beverage, and their chewy texture provides a satisfying contrast to the liquid in your glass. Our dehydrated pineapple slices also have a long shelf life, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to fresh garnishes.

Whether you're mixing up a fruity cocktail or adding a splash of color to your water, our dehydrated pineapple slices are the perfect way to elevate your drink game. Try them out today and taste the difference!

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