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Deluxe Garnish

Chilli slices

Chilli slices

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Add a spicy kick to your cocktails and drinks with our dried chillis garnish. Our dried chillis provide a unique and intense flavor that is sure to enhance your favorite drinks. Use them to add some heat to your Margaritas, spice up your Bloody Marys, or even create a spicy shot.

One of the benefits of using our dried chillis is that they have a longer shelf life compared to fresh chillis, making them a great option for garnishing without worrying about waste. Additionally, using dried chillis as garnish eliminates the need for messy slicing and dicing of fresh chillis, saving you time and hassle.

From about 350 grams of fresh chillies, we produce about 50 grams of premium quality, dehydrated chillies that pack a flavorful punch in every drink. With our  potent product, a little goes a long way, making it the perfect garnish for countless drinks and cocktails.

Take your cocktail game to the next level with Deluxe Garnish's dried chillis. Order now and experience the bold and spicy flavor for yourself!

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